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  • How much does it cost to use the services at Te Āwhina Marae? Open or Close

    A cost will be incurred if you wish to book Te Āwhina Marae for a Hui. Contact us here for prices and to arrange a booking.

    All of the Health Services from Te Piki Oranga are FREE. Ask your GP for a referral, or ring Te Piki Oranga Freephone 0800 672 642 or 03 528 1046 or click here to visit their website.

  • Will I need to have a pōwhiri if I am visiting Te Āwhina Marae? Open or Close

    If you are visiting the health services as a client, you will not need a pōwhiri. Guests visiting the Marae for a Hui, function or special event will need a pōwhiri. However, visitors need to take into consideration their individual situations and it is best to contact our office to discuss your need for a pōwhiri.

  • I know that my group needs to have a pōwhiri. What do I need to do? Open or Close

    Your roopu (group) will need to organise a kaikaranga (caller) and a Kaikōrero (male speaker) to represent your roopu. If you are unable to source suitable people, we might be able to give you a few sources; A koha for their support is appreciated. Once you have these organised, the last thing that your roopu needs is a waiata (song) to sing at the pōwhiri after your kaikōrero has spoken. Each time a kaikōrero from your group speaks it is followed by a waiata, therefore if you have three speakers, you will need three waiata.